Welcome to the Creek :

Yep ~ This is Where the Asphalt Turns to Dirt

And Mother Nature Kan be Found !

Folken Blues
I cought first breath in Holley Ridge N.C. I was raised on Country, Bluegrass and the Folken Blues.
Each and Every Song I Write is A Glimps of Who I Am, Where I've Been,What I've Seen, and How I Feel About It.
I've learned to pick Guitar vicariously through everybody I've ever heard.
Certain Sounds have A Taste All There Own. Everything Has Something To Do With All Of It.

Life  Rocks  If  U  Let  It  !

Today finds Walker in Log Cabin Texas. On the shores of Beautiful Cedar Creek Lake.
Having survived 2 Truck wrecks ,
A close call with a Shark while Surfing southern California ,
Ken is still Practicing his Trade and Grinning all the way.
Ken say's : Through it all , The only Bone he's ever Broken was his big Toe.

Play On !